By Editorial Team

University of Georgia two-time National Champion and two-time Defensive MVP, Javon Bullard, is best described as a grounded individual who has a genuine love and appreciation for football that extends past the sport itself. Throughout all of the major accolades, however, Javon has managed to stay focused and humble through his rapid growth and success on the UGA football field. 

Javon grew up in Milledgeville, GA, a rather small town about an hour outside of Atlanta, GA. He mentions how there weren’t many college recruits in the area, and how “to stand out you really had to work extremely hard and become a superb athlete that a lot of us are.” He goes on to say that “[he] was fortunate enough to see a little buzz from a small town” and that “a lot of people don’t get as much publicity as [he] did.” It’s safe to say that not many players can relate to being a two-time National Champion and two-time Defensive MVP by the age of 21, though obtaining this success was not easy.

Javon credits much of his accomplishments to the people he’s surrounded by and his trust in God. While making the transition from being a teenager to being a young adult, Javon says that “all of the people around [him] just kept pouring into [him] and [made him] the man [he is] today.” Part of his journey has simply been keeping his head down, putting in the work, and trusting the process.

When it comes to sneakers, Javon also is “kind of just bouncing around and trying new things” in the sneaker world. Growing up, Javon “always picked [his] shoes out first”, and then the rest would fall in line. One pair of sneakers that he’s really been wanting to indulge in are the Dior Chucks. They’re something he’s wanted for a while, though hasn’t quite gotten around to purchasing just yet. That being said his all-time favorite shoe is the Air Jordan Retro 11 “Gamma Blue”, a timeless sneaker grail if you ask us. Sneakers are the “attention seeker” of Javon’s outfits.

When asked about his plans in 5 years, Javon says he really wants to establish his future career within the NFL, and start investing into smart, local businesses. He sees himself starting a family too and “really just transitioning from young adulthood to adulthood seriously.” He feels as though football “teaches you principles not only in the sport aspect but also in the life aspect.” Growing up playing football has prepared him to make better decisions for himself and his future. Part of what he loves about the game is that “it teaches you to push yourself beyond your limits, discipline, maturity, and patience.” All of which are huge stepping-stones into what it means to be a real MVP on and off the field.

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