By Editorial Team

Exodus Johnson is a high school defensive football player from Denver, Colorado with his sights set high. Fire Laces was lucky to sit down with him and discuss his current goals, motivators, and of course, his favorite sneakers.


Even with just being in high school, Exodus already has a huge amount of hype about his future football career. When asked how he feels about being in this space, he really emphasized how much of a “blessing” it is. He goes on to also say, “you put in years of work and some people can tell you will be really good at like an early age, you know. You really do not know yourself how good or bad you are until you start competing with everyone who also has potential. I’ve been put in tough positions to see what I can do and how my play style works. So, I’ve played a lot of positions, and that feels great to be able to form myself into the defensive player I want to be.” Although some individuals acknowledged his abilities at a young age, he has come to realize that the players he is surrounded by are largely alike at a certain level.


The big question everyone wants to know is what’s next after high school? For Exodus, he’s still working on visiting the universities that spark his interests. So far, he says “there are so many great coaches, great connections, and bridges that you build when you go on these visits. I feel like every school has something great about them.” When trying to distinguish which schools he likes best, he looks towards the other people that he interacts with there, or as he likes to call, “the brotherhood.” He says one of the biggest differences is, “the players and how they treat each other in the locker room, and the leadership they have in teaching young players like [him].” Additionally, the coaches make a large difference as well. “[They] were former players too, so you guys can come from two different places, or come from the same place and click. What really helps you improve your game is the people and support you have around you.”


Exodus’s talent isn’t the only thing that started from an early age. His sense of style is also something that he has had ever since he was a little boy. He says “[his] mom would always buy [him] the new Jordan’s” and that “[he] just kind of grew up falling in-love with Jordan’s and fashion in general.” As he’s gotten older, Exodus believes that “if you look good, you feel good, and if you feel good, you play good.” He feels as though “how you dress is kind of a piece of who you are.” That being said, his go-to sneakers are the “SB Dunks because [he wears] a lot of baggy clothes.” He also loves the Air Jordan 5 ‘Raging Bull’, though the Air Jordan 4 ‘Black Cat’ is his all-time favorite shoe. He says, “not only do the Air Jordan 4 “Black Cat” go with everything, but they also just really go with my style.” However, in the future, he sees himself wearing more designer sneakers and clothes, with brands such as Louis Vuitton and Off-White. He expresses his love for Off-White by saying, “I feel like the style of Off-White when you wear it correctly, it can almost make a person come off as powerful. I have never liked basic stuff. I want to go after pieces that not a lot of other people have, so I definitely will be wearing a lot of Off-White in the future for sure”.


Outside of fashion, Exodus’s future goals include achieving “Gatorade Player of the Year, winning a second state championship, surpassing the last year sack leader’s record, and competing in the All-American Bowl for Under Armor”. All of these goals in mind, Exodus is incredibly optimistic. “Everyday I’ve just been pushing my body to the limit, and I think I am just really prepared to do all of this. There is never a time when I cannot make myself better. There is never a time when I will become un-coachable. That makes me become a better person on and off the field.” He couldn’t do it without his biggest motivations either – God, his family, and his love and passion for the game. He’s learned that “nobody is going to do it for [him], especially when you have a lot of people who have high expectations of you, that support you, and are counting on you. If you want to achieve your goals, there is going to be a lot of people hating on you. Just know, you are supposed to have haters, and if you don’t you are doing something wrong.”  Exodus believes that he has a lot left to prove, and that is also incredibly motivating.


It was a pleasure to hang out with Exodus and go more into depth about his passion for football and sneakers! Be sure to follow him on Instagram @king.exoduss and join our Fire Laces email list to stay up-to-date!