By Editorial Team

Tee Higgins is undoubtedly one of the most talked about NFL wide-receivers in the league right now. The upcoming third year Tennessee native, has came a long way from making immense noise on the Clemson field. After winning multiple national championships in college & competing in Super Bowl LVI, Tee Higgins has proved he can live up to any NFL expectations. No matter if it is his trending unique style, or his mind blowing highlighting plays, Tee is here to stay.


“I wasn’t really into fashion growing up. I was more of a tracksuit, jumpsuit, regular Nike kind of guy.”


“As I grew up though, I played basketball and football. I obviously started leaning more towards football, and the one guy I looked up to was AJ Green. I always liked his game. That pushed me even more to want to be in the NFL.” 


“When I got into the NFL, uh, I feel like my style changed. I finally had a little more money to buy more things and up my fashion.”


“I want to say my favorite type of shoe on game day and right now would be dunks. But you know, when its time to work out I try to choose something with more comfort from Nike.”


“Would I call myself a sneakerhead? Most definitely.”


“Ever since I got into the NFL I’ve been buying more and more shoes everyday, you know? My closet is full of shoes now.” 


“In a way, being a sneakerhead has pushed me more fashion wise. I want to get way more into the fashion industry, you know?” 


“Just like how I want to go hard in the fashion world. I also really want to, you know, be way more accomplished in the NFL world. Hopefully, just one day I can be a Hall of Famer….”


“I am Tee Higgins.”