Terms and Conditions


Terms and Conditions

  1. Pre-orders are 100% GUARANTEED. (If the release date has passed and you pre-ordered a shoe you will receive that shoe).


  1. All pre-order shoes ship AFTER release date, unless they are noted as “Early Release” ( which we usually do not deal with. ) 


  1.  At this point your order(s) may NOT be cancelled or refunded. ALL ORDERS ARE FINALE. 


  1. Because we have multiple sources for acquiring shoes and because shipping times may vary, please be mindful that we CAN NOT CONTROL SHIPPING TIME. Shoes will go through our processing system within 3 business day after they arrive to us. All shoes will then ship 3-9 business days through UPS. (If UPS can not deliver to your address USPS, FEDEX, or DHL will ship your package) 


  1. Be aware that authorized retail stores may be back-ordered and shipping times may vary from authorized retail stores to our headquarters. Orders may also take longer than expected from our authorized sellers due to inclement weather, holidays, UPS delay, USPS delay, FEDEX delay, DHL delay, and etc.
  2. If you need to speak with a Fire Laces representative please use the contact page, or email support@fire-laces.com.


  1. In the VERY RARE case that we cannot fulfill your order, or have been misinformed about a shoe we will give you a full refund prior to the release to give you a chance to order with someone else.