By Editorial Team

Rapper FourFive is proving he has what it takes to make his impact in the music industry. The NYC talent has been providing a unique sound since his first music video release in 2018. Now only in his fourth year of making music, FourFive opens up about how his sense of fashion greatly influences his music. 


"My cousin passed away like 5-6 years ago. I wasn’t really doing anything at the time but freestyling. It started off as a joke, just making funny music. It was when mumble rap was dumb lit. Then I made a song named FourFive."


"It was funny because people locally started calling me “FourFive.” Then the homies would call me “FourFive.” Then I was like, I don’t even have an artist name, like “FourFive” might be a vibe."


"When I was younger, I was always outside with my mom. Growing up in the city, like sneakers have always been into my lifestyle. My mom had me when she was pretty young, so she was always trying to get me fly as a kid. I remember I used to have like every single new Jordan and the newest sneakers."


"Four or five years ago is when I really started wearing different brands and started stepping outside the box. I used to be closed minded with fashion. I used to think you would always have to match colors and think about little things like that, you know. I used to think you would have to have the newest gear to be fly. Then four or five years ago I realized you can be fly with vintage pieces too."


"When I make the music, I think of dark James Bond vibes. You never know the next move, everything is like a mystery. The music I make it sounds like I am flying on a plane. It sounds like I am going crazy. The stuff I just made in LA, like it sounds like I am on the moon with this. The music I make is a similar feeling to like flying. I call it swimming, like that’s the vibe."


"I wear a lot of Air Force 1’s, that’s my go to sneaker. Majority of the time I wear my slippers in the studio though. I always have a nice bag too. It doesn’t always have to be a backpack; I like holding my bag like a briefcase type of vibe too."


"My friend designs everything for “Gun Club”, he started “Gun Club”. We started working on “Gun Club” together back in 2020. I came in the picture just to help out and get the pieces on more people. We still have so many pieces we are still working on together though. It has only been two years, so it has just been steppingstones. We don’t show a lot, but when it is here, you will see it."


"I’m trying to turn the way I dress into artwork. I want to express more art type of vibes, instead of just like being outside taking pictures looking fly. You will see how we set it up. The music will be more themed too, instead of it just being songs people can turn up to. I want people to feel like a vibe. The music will make you feel emotions like you on the way to getting a bag."


"Respectfully, I do not see any other artist making music with the fashion like I am doing it. The music is my biggest way to express myself. Then with the fashion, it just goes hand and hand."


"My music is like a dark realm, it is not sad, but it is mysterious."